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Religious Education


5% of curriculum time is dedicated to the teaching and learning of RE. Children in the EYFS and KS1 receive 36 hours and children in KS2 receive 45 hours of RE, across the school year.


We follow the Stockport Agreed Syllabus for the teaching of Religious Education.

This is the overview of what is covered in each Key Stage:


EYFS: Christianity

KS1: Christianity and Islam

KS2: Christianity, Islam, Hinduism and Judaism


In addition to this we follow Key Questions for each year group. 



Being special: where do we belong?

What is special about our world?

What times are special and why?


Which stories are special and why?

Which people are special and why?

What places are special and why?

Year 1

Who is Christian and what do they believe?

Who is a Muslim and what do they believe?

Who is Jewish and what do they believe?

How and why do we celebrate special and sacred times?

Year 2

What can we learn from sacred books?

What makes some places sacred?

What does it mean to belong to a faith community?

How should we care for others and the world, and why does it matter?

Year 3

What do different people believe about God?

What does it mean to be a Christian in Britain today?

What does it mean to be a Hindu in Britain today?

Why are festivals important to religious communities?

Year 4

Why is Jesus inspiring to some people?

Why do some people think that life is a journey and what significant experiences mark this?

What can we learn from religions about deciding what is right and wrong?

Year 5

What does it mean to be a Muslim in Britain today?

Why do some people believe God exists?

What do religions say to us when life gets hard?

If God is everywhere, why go to a place of worship?

Year 6

What would Jesus do? Can we live by the values of Jesus in the twenty – first century?

Is it better to express your beliefs in arts and architecture or in charity and generosity?

What matters most to Christians and Humanists?

What difference does it make to believe in ahisma (harmlessness), grace and/or Ummah (community)?