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Parental Involvement Policy


Parental Involvement Policy.

Westmorland has an "open door" policy.


We recognise the pivotal role that parents play in the education of their children.


We encourage parents to be fully involved in their child’s formal education and in the life of the school.


We recognise that we must work in partnership with parents/carers, keeping them fully informed of their child’s achievements and the workings of the school, and we continue to develop strategies for active involvement.


Welcoming new pupils and families

We recommend that new families moving in to the area should:

  •  Be shown around school by the head teacher.
  •  Visit the school before deciding if Westmorland is the best environment for their child.
  •  Bring the child with them when visiting the school.
  •  Meet with the school administrator and complete all relevant forms.



At Westmorland Primary we have introduced a wide range of communications strategies, including:

  •  Dedicated pastoral team readily available for all parents/carers
  •  Regular letters
  •  Individual letters when needs arise.
  •  Direct telephone calls (where necessary)
  •  Annual reports.
  •  Parents’ meeting – twice per year
  •  Assertive Mentoring documents are sent home every half term.
  •  Annual Governors report to parents.
  •  Informal discussions with parents at the beginning and end of the day.
  •  Invitations to assemblies, workshops and other school functions
  •   Preparation for Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2 assessments tasks.
  •  General curriculum information presentations.
  •  Family learning sessions
  •  Transition meetings
  •  Residentials



We hold 2 Parents’ Meetings each year. Assertive Mentoring targets are discussed and shared with both the child and parent regarding attitude, behaviour and attainment.


Annual reports are given out at the Summer term meeting. Those parents/carers who do not attend will be invited to an alternative appointment. If they do not attend, the reports are then sent home in a sealed envelope.


Those parents/carers facing problems in attending the meetings will be given alternative appointments and all endeavours will be made to ensure that they attend.


A record of those parents/carers who do not attend will be kept by the class teacher. The parental involvement leader will maintain records of attendance and targets for numbers attending.


Parents will also be invited to School Action/School Action Plus reviews for those children with Special Educational Needs.


Parent volunteers in school.

We welcome family members as volunteers in school and greatly value the wide range of support they can offer.

Our policy for parent volunteers is outlined in a separate guidance leaflet. Any parents wishing to work in school should arrange a meeting with their child’s class teacher, the head teacher or the parental involvement leader to discuss how they could be of support. The parental leader keeps a record of all adults working as volunteers in school, including the times they are in school.


Fund raising events/accounts.

The parents have an active and growing Friends of Westmorland group who regularly gets involved in fundraising activities- selling lottery bonus ball tickets, selling t-towels, planning fairs.


Courses for parents.

Regular courses are provided for parents, including family learning, ICT and parenting support. Flyers and posters are sent out to all parents when a new course is set up, information is also posted on the school website