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Messages of Appreciation

Thank you so much for my hamper and to the staff that dropped it off we really are grateful, I’m also sorry for the stick that you and the school seem to get for literally anything you do even when you’re trying to help, however me and the kids appreciate you and the school 

Many Thanks 


Thank you thank you thank you for the food hamper being delivered today was a huge surprise and we needed coffee after today's work lol, also *  is over the moon with the laptop it's made him actually want to do the home learning and completed everything today.. Really appreciated..


Can't thank Westmorland enough absolute amazing school and amazing teachers you should all be so proud

Just want to say thanks for accommodating ALL families rather than just the ones on benefits, as you know I was furloughed but then after that I've been made redundant with now only one income, this food hamper scheme you have done helps massively and is very much appreciated. I don't have Facebook but have seen the negative feedback of those ungrateful, no comment, but I'd like you to know those that need the help and receive it do appreciate it :)


Hi, OMG, we are nicely surprised about the message of Mr Henderson!! We can't believe it!!! We are doing what we can to improve Daniel's teaching!!! We really appreciate and thank you so much for good words!!! Have a great weekend for all the team!!

Thanks to Mr H for his message - it has made * day. And thank the school for all their help.


Just a quick message to say how grateful we are for the huge hamper delivered today to us, we honestly can't thank you all enough. As much as we're struggling with this Covid illness wise we don't have to struggle for food because of your kindness and generosity.

From the bottom of our hearts we thank you.


Thanks Mr Henderson I will try and make my work better and better.

Thank you it’s hard but I do it. Mostly handwriting is hardest, it was maths but it’s not that hard anymore.

Thank you Mr H you are an amazing Head teacher

*  would like to say thank you to Mr H for the letter he thinks you are an amazing headteacher

A huge Thanks
………. is soooo happy!


I'm so proud of my diploma! Thank you for the letter and the sweets!


I would also like to take the time out in saying what a brilliant experience my son has had in the short time he has been enrolled in your school we are very sad to be leaving you all behind.
Thank you for giving my child the best possible experience first years of school & for all your service you really are a great school :)