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School Reopening 8th March 2021 Letter

Dear Parent/Carer,

Great news to share… from Monday 8th March school will re-open to all pupils, teaching on school site becomes mandatory again and parents and carers will get a well deserved rest from home schooling. The teaching team and I are looking forward to your children returning.

Re-opening school after such a long time away is believe it or not quite a complex manoeuvre one that will take a little patience whilst we get it right. Things will need to be slightly different in order to keep everyone safe and we will need to work together to make sure that we do everything possible to avoid bubble closures and isolation periods as I am sure you will agree no one wants that. We must work together.

The times of the school day will vary across the school. In order to avoid crowding on the playgrounds we ask that only one person only brings their child from home and that where possible your child is allowed to come to school on their own. Children in upper juniors will be allowed to go home on their own. 

We politely request that children of secondary age do not come onto site. Remember we don’t allow dogs onto the playgrounds either.
In order to facilitate the re-start on March 8th, I have tried to answer as many questions as possible in as simple a way as possible in order to successfully re-open the school facility to all children, so here goes…  

Will school reopen to all children on the 8th March?    X        Children must once again attend school every day… it’s the law.
Will breakfast club be available?    X        Breakfast club will be available (from 8am £1.50 per day) it will be held in the various bubbles, you will need to telephone the office to book place in advance.
Will children be temperature checked on the way into the building?        X    Only if we are worried that your child is unwell or has a temperature will we check their temperature and call you.
Do children need to line up in the mornings?        X    Children will just walk in though their nominated door, they do not need to line up.
If my child is late for school should they use the late door?    X        The late door has changed, if your child is late they must go into school through the hall door.

Can Parents help?    X        Be on time for drop off and collection, maintain social distances on the playground, wear a mask or face shield at all times when on site.

If my child or someone in my household shows symptoms of COVID do they still stay at home?    X        You must all stay at home, the person with symptoms must take a test, wait for the results.
Please let school know immediately.
Might bubbles still close?    X        Yes, in the event of a positive case on site we MUST close the bubble and all people in that bubble will need to isolate.
Will SEESAW still be used?    X        We will use SEESAW to set homework and if bubbles close work will be set on there for the children to complete whilst they isolate at home.
Will class assemblies take place?        X    We are unable to bring large numbers of parents into school.
Will staff wear masks?    X        Staff will wear masks when they are not in their bubbles, some staff will wear face shields it depends on their role.
Can children wear masks?        X    Primary aged Children do NOT need to wear masks/face coverings.
Should parents wear masks when on site?    X        Yes, those that can’t are requested to stay away from the building, this will help keep the children, other parents and the staff team safe.
Will forest schools happen?    X        You will be informed in the first week if your child is involved.
Will my child need their PE kit?    X        Send PE kit in in a plastic bag on day 1. We will keep it in school until the end of term.
Will my child need their book bag?    X        Home readers will be sent home on a Monday, you should return them on Friday where we will “rest” them over the weekend and change them on the next Monday ready to send out again.
Will after school sports be available?        X    After school sports clubs will start again on Monday 15th. Letters will go out during the first week to opt in to these clubs.
Swimming will not happen until later on in the term.
Will the paid for BOSC run after school?    X        Please call Mrs Quinn if you require a place from Monday 8th March 07508845134
Will my child get to play with their friends?    X        School will run a series of bubbles, class, year group, and phase. They will play outside with their phase.
Will school dinners be available?    X        A hot school meal will be available to children. If you pay for dinners you should come to the office. Children on packed lunches must bring them in a disposable bag.
Will toast be available at playtime?    X        Yes, please send £1 on Monday with your child if they require toast.
Do parents need to socially distance on the yard?    X        Absolutely, social distancing rules are still in place. Transmission rates between adults remain high in Brinnington. If we get this wrong on the yard bubbles in school will close.
Will school still provide food for home?    X        We fully intend to keep the FREE vegetable wall going each week during term time. Please come and help yourself Monday Tuesday and Wednesday. We have access to a good stock of basic foods that children like, if you are running short just ask 
Can I drop my child’s lunch bag with the office?        X    We cannot drop lunch bags off in classes as this is an increased risk. 
Can I meet with my child’s class teacher face to face?        X    At this time we request that if you need to meet with the teacher meetings are conducted over the telephone.
Will school trips happen this term?        X    We may go out in the local community as part of the curriculum but we will not be going any further.
Can my child walk home and come to school on their own?    X        We would be happy for older children to walk to school on their own. This will help reduce numbers on site at the start and end of the day.
Will my child receive their full curriculum entitlement?    X        The full curriculum timetable is in place.
Does my child need to wear uniform?    X        All children and staff will wear their uniform from the first day back. If you need to buy uniform please come into the school office to collect before Monday 8th.

We will stagger the start and end times of the school day to make sure that the yard allows families to social distance. The classes will start and end at the following times.
Year group    Start time    End time
Nursery    8.45    3.20
Reception    8.50    3.05
Year 1    8.55    3.05
Year 2    8.55    3.10
Year 3     8.45    3.00
Year 4    8.45    3.00
Year 5    8.55    3.10
Year 6    8.55    3.10

Please make sure that you are on time for collection and drop off and that you leave the playground as swiftly as possible with your children, we do not have any capacity for children that are collected late. These children will be put into after school club and charges will be made.

Please make sure that we have an up to date contact number for you, it is imperative we are able to get in touch. If you have changed your number please ring school with your new one.

This is a very exciting time for all involved with school, we are delighted to be able to have the children back and know that we will settle into the new routine quickly.  As with everything please be patient, getting hundreds people into a new routine and establishing our wonderful school once again may take some getting used to.
Over the next few days I will text a series of reminders from the list above to you to make sure we are all ready for the new start.

Kind regards