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***NEW***School Re-Opening Letter

29th August 2020


Dear Parent/Carer,
It is with pleasure that I write to welcome everyone back to our wonderful school. We have been working hard over the holidays in order to ensure that our school is as safe as it can be and that we are ready to welcome your children back. 
Whilst things will be slightly different in school, different year groups will have different start and end times, we won’t be able to have class assemblies or plays, we do expect that many things will stay the same. We will be delivering a full and exciting curriculum to your children from Thursday 3rd and Mr Henderson will have to return to his normal self… the spikey hair will be no more!
On Thursday 3rd of September I expect to see all of the children from year 1 to 6 coming back into school. To help us, as we know phone numbers change frequently, please send your child in with a piece of paper with your child’s name and a primary contacts name and number on.
In order to minimise the numbers of people on site the school is required to stagger opening and closing times for different year groups. Children in Reception, Year 3 and year 4 must arrive at school at 8.45 and will all come into school straight away, these children will need collecting from school at 3pm. The Children in year 1, 2, 5 and 6 will need to arrive at school between the normal times, school starts at 8.55am these children will also come straight into school, year 1 will finish slightly earlier at 3.10pm. Parents may choose to allow their children from year 5 and 6 to walk home alone. Please make sure that your child arrives on time, and that you collect your children and that you maintain social distancing whist on site.
Children in Reception class will begin on Monday 7th after their parents have attended the induction meetings with their children on either Thursday 3rd or Friday 4th. We have already contacted our new arrivals into Nursery about their induction. 
If you are unsure about your start date or time please call the school office we can not give this information over Facebook.
There will be no breakfast club or after school sports facilities in the first few weeks we will write to you and confirm the arrangements for when these will start as soon as we can. I am told that the private out of hours after school club will be available. Those that want to attend should contact Mrs Quinn in the usual way.
Some other small things that you will probably want to know… the school will provide all the equipment that your children will need, pens pencils rulers etc. We will provide your children with water bottles. School dinners will be provided to those that need and the children on sandwiches can now bring their packed lunches in lunch boxes not bags. We will start playtime toast from the 7th September, £1 should be sent each Monday if you require it.
It has been great to hear and see how our school family have worked together over the last months to support one another and work together to make the best out of a bad situation “Team Westmorland” has really showed how strong it is. 
We will continue to work hard over the next days and weeks to stabilise the school routines and get the children used to the new normal. Please be patient with us whilst we get things right. I anticipate writing in the next few days with some further clarification. If you need to know anything please don’t hesitate to call us, my team are here to help.                 

Martin Henderson