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Computing Teaching and Learning Policy

Computing Teaching and Learning Policy


General Information

Computing is taught as a discrete skills based session following the Computing Scheme of Work. The units covered are broadly grouped into themes to match the National Curriculum (Computing, Digital Literacy and Information Technology). They have been updated to include the skills children need to be taught to be computer literate in today’s world.


Foundation Stage

Children begin to develop and explore ICT skills from when they enter the school as part of the foundation stage. Early years ICT includes a range of skills and awareness that can be transferred to other areas in life such as cognitive, co-ordination, literacy and numeracy skills and focuses on finding out, identifying and exploring the uses of everyday technology such as office equipment, music keyboards, alarms and programmable toys as well as hands on computer time.



Each skills session should be taught as a 3 part lesson – main teaching, group/paired or individual work and a plenary. Opportunity should be given to consolidate prior learning as well as introducing new concepts. Objectives should be skills based and lifted from the medium term planning. Objectives should be shared at the start of the lesson.



Computers should be planned for in blocks based on the Units. Units can be revisited over the year and applied across the curriculum. Teacher support/focus should be annotated within each session. Computing should be planned on the same planning format as Topic or Science and should be cross-curricular where possible



Computing can be differentiated in a variety of ways...

  • Different levels of support
  • Outcome
  • Different tasks
  • Different software
  • Templates
  • Scaffolded work
  • Instructions given

Make sure you differentiate the skill itself, rather than the literacy skill or numeracy skill that may be masking it.



Each class has a timetabled slot in the Computer Suite or on the laptops.

Children should have access to their own computer where possible.

In addition, the ICT suite can be booked for other sessions where necessary.


We also have a set of networked laptops and 64 iPads available to be booked out as needed.



Children need to learn the skills that are needed in society. For many of our children, use of computers in school is the only regular access they have. To reflect this, as much time as possible should be hands-on.


Interactive Whiteboards and Projectors

Each class has an IWB with built in projector. These are height adjustable allowing them to be used by staff and pupils alike.


When using IWB’s staff should make sure that children have the opportunity to “have a go” using the pen and moving things around on-screen and that it is not just a projector used to show work “in big”.


Projectors should be turned off each night – preferably by being unplugged and should also be turned off when not in use. Projector lamps are costly and take an age to replace so if you notice a problem with the colour of the projected images please log it.


General Network Information


  • Shared area

On our network we have a shared area. This contains the planning dump for current planning and resources, curriculum co-ordinator resources and general resources. Planning should be added at least each half-term.


  • Resources

All the software is pre-installed on the system.

Roamer, Beebot and control resources are located in the cupboard at the back of the Computer suite.

The other cupboard in the Computer suite contains Data Logging equipment.

Digital microscopes are located in the suite.

Digital cameras, sound recorders and microphones are also kept in the Suite.


  • Downloading

Please do not download programs to machines without speaking to the ICT technician as it might damage the network.


  • Logging on/off and passwords

Each member of staff has a log in name – firstname.surname  Passwords default to password. Passwords should be changed regularly.


  • Technical Support

We buy into Stockport AVA for provision of maintenance. Our allocated technical support staff member comes in each Monday afternoon.