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Charging and Remissions

Charging and Remissions Policy

Westmorland Primary


As legislated by the Education Reform Act 1988, as amended, the School Governors are required to determine and publish a charging and remission policy.


The School Governors anticipate that it may be necessary from time to time to amend the policy but, if so, parents will be notified accordingly.



Terms used in this policy are as those defined within the legislation.


School Hours

School hours are those when the school is actually in session. They do not include the mid-day break.

School hours are:


Early Years Foundation Stage

Morning session: 08.40 – 11.40

Afternoon session: 12.20 – 3.20




08.55– 15.10



08.55 – 15.15


Activities & Voluntary Contributions

This policy confirms the right of the school to invite voluntary contributions for the benefit of the school or in support of any activity organised by the school whether during or outside school hours.


Charges may be made for material or ingredients required for practical subjects where parents have indicated their desire to own the product, in advance.


Charges may be made for other activities, which are recognisably distinct from the Curriculum where parents have indicated their agreement in advance.


When organising school trips or visits to enrich the curriculum and the educational experience of the children, the school invites parents and carers to contribute to the cost. All contributions are voluntary and the contributions will not exceed the cost of the trip.

If a parent wishes their child to take part in a school trip or event, but is unwilling or unable to make a voluntary contribution, we do allow the child to participate fully in the trip or activity, no child will be excluded. If we do not receive sufficient voluntary contributions to financially support the trip, we reserve the right to cancel it. Sometimes the school is able to pay additional costs in order to support the visit. Parents and carers have a right to know how each trip is funded, and the school provides this information on request. The Trips cost is subsidised by the school and parents will be charged a maximum of £7.50 per trip

The following is a list of additional activities, organised by the school, which require voluntary contributions from parents and carers. These activities are known as 'optional extras'. This list is not exhaustive:

  • visits to museums;
  • sporting activities which require transport expenses;
  • outdoor adventure activities;
  • class/group trips out of school
  • visits to or by a theatre company;
  • musical / performing arts events.


Residential visits

If the school organises a residential visit in school time, or mainly in school time, which is to provide education directly not related to the National Curriculum, we do charge for this education. However, we do suggest a charge to cover the costs of board, lodging and travel. If we cannot raise sufficient funding through these voluntary contributions, the visit may have to be cancelled, and that aspect of the curriculum would have to be covered in other ways.


Music tuition

All children study music as part of the normal school curriculum. We do not charge for this. However, charges may be made for the actual cost of tuition to individuals or groups of not more than four in the playing of a musical instrument not being part of a syllabus or prescribed examination where parents have indicated their agreement in advance.


School Lunches/Food

A charge is made for lunch to those children not eligible for free school meals; this is currently £1.20 per day. No charge is made if the pupil is absent from school, balances of payments in advance are carried forward or refunded as appropriate. Toast is provided for those children that require a snack at morning break, £1 must be paid on a Monday for a weeks toast. In the EYFS snack money £1.50 is charged to provide a variety of snacks during the day.



The school organises swimming lessons for all children in Key Stage 2. These take place in school time and are part of the National Curriculum. We make no charge for this activity. We inform parents and carers when these lessons are to take place.


Sports Clubs

The school offers additional coaching in various sports after school. Several qualified sports coaches, who are not members of the school staff, run and organise these sessions. They run from end of the school day until 4.30pm during term time


Damages and Losses

Charges may be made for the cost of repairing or replacing any damaged property or item resulting from a pupil’s inappropriate behaviour.


Charges may be made for the cost of replacing any property or item, which has been loaned or hired to a pupil and not returned.




Charges may be made to recover the wasted examinations fee from a parent of a pupil who without good reason has failed to complete any examination requirement.


Charges may be made to recover the entry feel for a public examination other than those on the prescribed list as determined by the Secretary of State.


Charges may be made to recover the cost of examinations re-sits where the school has provided no further preparation.




The discretion to remit in whole or in part any charge, which may be made by the school, has been vested in the Headteacher.

Remission may be made on the grounds of educational considerations with regard to both the pupil and the school needs.


Remission may be made on the grounds of financial considerations with regard to both the pupil and the school needs.


Remissions may be made on a group or an individual pupil basis.


The governing board reviews this policy bi-annually. The governors may, however, review the policy earlier than this if the government introduces new regulations, or if the governing board receives recommendations on how the policy might be improved.


Adopted May 2017.


Review May 2019